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Acupuncture Internationale Import  Export

sarl au capital de 7622,45 Euros

14, av. du Rgt de la Chaudière

80120 - Regnière Ecluse  -  France

Tel.  03 22 29 38 55 /    Fax.  03 22 29 29 25

SIRET - 408 966 919 00024

VAT N° - FR52 408 966 919




 Initially based in Paris, AIIE is now located at  

Régnière Ecluse near the 'Baie de Somme' (80 France).


Since more than 15 years, AIIE is working in Medical Supply, only for the acupuncturist, at the beginnig, and now for all the following practices: acupuncture, auriculotherapy, mesotherapy, esthetic, physiotherapy, as well as infrared lasers (LLLT) for all above practices and for example dermatology, etc...


For these ranges of products, AIIE is supplying  a lot of well known hospitals
and health centers 





BE Etudes et Participations

bvba / sprl

Sint Beggaberg 5 - bus 0301

3000 - LEUVEN  -  Belgique

Tel.  016 35 09 34  /  Fax.  016 35 30 72

HRL / SCL:  90 148

BTW / TVA:  BE 453 957 921





BEEP is now located near Leuven in the city of Wilsele (B-3000  Belgium) 
BE.E.P. is working since more than 10 years for the same specialties than AIIE.


The wide range of products, disposables and equipments, also than the good level of our prices, let us particularly serviceable and efficient fot the physicians and kinesitherapy practicians

BE.E.P. is closely working with several course centers


VAT Free on export