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"The Best Choice"



this is, for you, the various approach of auriculotherapy,

needles, electric stimulation, lasers,

all the products of Sedatelec range




- Needles:


The best specializes needles                ASP (Sedatelec)

                                                            Pyonex and New Pyonex (Seirin)


The shortest acupuncture type needles you need


The auricular grain 'Magrain'



- Electric stimulation


Point search and stimulation             Agiscop DT  (Sedatelec)

                                                           Pointosect Digital  (Schwa Medico)


- Laser stimulation


Sedatelec laser (Girlase, Everlase, Nextlaser)


RJ lasers  especialy Handylaser Trion (with point search function)


3B Scientific Seirin laser (with point search function)


- Sedatelec products


AIIE as well as BEEP can supply, on request, all the products of Sedatelec range not included on this website.

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