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"The Best Choice"


  this is, for you, the best products for the following practices:



Electric hair removal .


Presently, the ELECTRIC HAIR REMOVAL using needles is the efficient practice scientifically prooved on a long term.

Electric hair removal is a treatment in incontestable effectiveness, she remains the only definitive method particularly for the white, blond and red hairs

The same products also allow the treatment of ' red veins ' by microcoagulation.



Disposables:                Ballet needles, the best hair removal needle

Devices                       Electrical bistouri  Statome T 100




Disposables               Specific needles   Sedatelec ASE

                                 Lond acupuncture type needles CD-C02 L

Devices                     Electric stimulator  Agistim Duo from Sedatelec (France)


                                 Electric stimulator  ES 160 from Ito (Japan)


To stimulate the electrolipolysis treatment, it is possoble to use micro-injection,

Please check at 'mesotjerapy


Wrinkle treatment


Wiyj needles            Very small Shen Long needles  0,18 x 7 mm et 0,18 x 10 mm

                               Please check on the shop at 'Cloud & Dragon needles'


By laser                   'Anti Ageing Therapy' with 'Derma laser' from RJ Laser

                                Please check the corresponding page


VAT Free on export